Published April 13th, 2022
Letters to the editor
Election integrity

In this era of concern about election integrity, it is critically important that voters in Contra Costa County pay close attention to this year's election for Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar, our county's top election official. For the first time in 18 years, there is a contested election for this position and it's imperative that we elect a leader with the ethics, integrity and experience to do the job. Kristin Connelly is that leader.
Kristin has had a longstanding interest in election integrity that started when she was a law student and served as a non-partisan poll monitor helping people experiencing problems voting. Kristin saw first-hand the lengths some interests will go to suppress the vote, including fraudulent signs directing voters to a non-existent polling place and a fake "MySpace" page targeted at college students erroneously stating that members of one party voted on Tuesday and members of the other major party were supposed to vote the day after the election, on Wednesday.
Misinformation about voting and elections is a threat to our democracy. Kristin believes that transparency about the elections process and battling misinformation about how to vote will be critically important to maintaining confidence in the integrity of our elections - and our democracy.
Kristin is an East Bay native, who returned from a prestigious career on the East Coast to raise her family in Lafayette. Kristin's leadership skills have greatly benefitted Lamorinda and Contra Costa County. She is the CEO of the East Bay Leadership Council, the Executive Director of the Contra Costa Economic Partnership and a Trustee on the Acalanes Union High School District Governing Board.
I urge voters to take the time to learn more about this important office and to vote for Kristin Connelly for Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar in the June 7 primary election.

Rachel Zenner Kane

Orinda's Draft Housing Element Proposes Gas Station Monopoly

Orinda's Draft Housing Element proposes that all of the local gas stations, as well as Orinda Motors, be replaced with housing, except for the Chevron station. A monopoly would be created. Also, residents would need to drive out of town to get their vehicles serviced or smog checked. One can only wonder whether this has anything to do with Chevron's "second donation of $5,000" to Friends of Orinda Creeks.
news#e46b43c3-aaf6-47df-a55d-abace80e0b15 As some of you know, the 1,400 long "daylighted" segment of San Pablo Creek is a pet project of several council members, and of a small but vocal minority of residents; less than 50% of residents according to a scientific poll. See Table 5-4 (page 133-34) and Figure 5-3 (page 135). Orinda Motors (sites DPP-1 and DPP-8, Mash Gas (DPP-31), 76 (DPP-33), and Shell (DPP-36) are listed as potential housing sites in the Draft Housing Element The Chevron station, 11 Orinda Way, is not listed as a site for housing.

Nick Waranoff

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