Published May 25th, 2022
Community views remodeled Hacienda at recent Open House
By Vera Kochan
Remodeled Secondary Dressing Suite
Ever since Wedgewood Weddings assumed event management at the Hacienda de las Flores, located at 2100 Donald Drive in Moraga, the facility had been abuzz (literally) with the sound of saws and hammers. The six-month, interior renovation was culminated with a May 12 Open House for the community.
The house chef created fancy appetizers for the occasion and a new signature cocktail called The Hacienda (tequila, lime juice, grapefruit juice and elderflower juice) was introduced.
Parks and Recreation Director Breyana Brandt and Recreation Supervisor Jasmine Bateson were on hand to give guided tours of the on-site improvements which included the ADA patio expansion, kitchen remodel, refurbishment of the Fireside Room and eventual gas fireplace, remodeled Secondary Dressing Suite, and repainted meeting rooms.? That was just the first floor.
The second floor was turned into offices for the Wedgewood staff event planners, and the crown jewel on the third floor was an extensive makeover of the Primary Dressing Suite complete with a raised pedestal surrounded by full-length mirrors, a full bathroom, wet bar, couches and chairs offering a marvelous view of the Hacienda's patio (lit with twinkle, drip and bistro lights) and lawns below. The Pavilion area saw the dilapidated lawn replaced with artificial turf and a cement center aisle.
Wedgewood's Regional Manager Jerome Cansino, who oversees 10 of their properties replied, "We're here to co-exist with the people in the neighborhood." To that extent the premises are allowed a 75-decibel noise level, but Wedgewood plans on keeping it at 55.
General Manager Alissa Mendoza oversees the entire staff including the caterers, bartenders, and event coordinators to ensure that things go smoothly. "I make sure that the couple of the day are in wedded bliss."
A bonus to the evening was a poetry reading on the Pavilion grounds by Matthew Zapruder, award-winning author of "Why Poetry."? Zapruder is also a Saint Mary's College professor, a Guggenheim Fellow and former editor of the New York Times Magazine's poetry page.
Refurbished Fireside Room/Dance Floor Photos Vera Kochan

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