Published October 26th, 2022
Letters to the editor

Deny Lot 66’s Permit Approval

Infamous “Lot 66” is back before the Lafayette Planning Commission. In 2021, commissioners
wrongly approved putting a house on a highly constrained lot that is bisected by Sessions Road,
the only ingress/egress for dozens of residents who live on Sessions Road and Northridge
Lane. The County designated Lot 66 as “unbuildable” because the “economic benefit” of Lot 66
cannot be captured twice. The economic benefit was used when the developer installed
Sessions Road. It’s illegal to double dip. As a result, the City rightly denied the application in
2008 because former mayor Mark Mitchell recognized the facts and did not succumb to Lot 66
owner Dick Holt’s influence. When Holt applied again in 2020, the planning staff was hell bent
on passing the project in what constituted special privilege. Holt was a former commissioner,
knew everyone in the department and on the board. If the project is re-approved, the City must
relocate Sessions Road and put the house in the middle of the parcel, not squeezed into a
steep sliver. We and dozens of neighbors oppose the Lot 66 project. Please attend the
November 7 Planning Commission meeting online. Let the board know Lot 66 development
must be denied.
Jeffrey Swarts

Why is There a $26K Lot in Lafayette?

What if the City of Lafayette allowed someone to build a house on your deeded easement?
What if this new home would compromise the only ingress/egress to your house? Dozens of
property owners in the Sessions Road and Northridge Lane subdivisions north of Deer Hill Road
face these questions. The City rejected the Lot 66 project in 2008. In 2020, former
commissioner/owner Dick Holt resurrected it before a pro-development board that approved it.
Now it’s up for re-approval after expiring. The commission approved variances to required
setbacks; building on a swale; the removal of 11 protected trees; plans that include a dangerous
driveway and a 33’ tall home that towers over our home, invading our privacy. Lot 66 has never
been developed because the County deemed it unbuildable. Lot 66’s 2022-2023 valuation:
$26,785 with a $610 annual tax bill. Why so low? It is a legal lot of record but UNBUILDABLE!
The uphill owners’ deeded easement states it is “Over, Under Along, and Through Lot 66.” If
Lot 66 is developed, it will prevent needed road improvement plans for fire safety. We have two
NO votes; please encourage the commission to be accountable and deny Lot 66.
Neighbors of Sessions Road, Pamela Swarts
LafayetteCurrent and Former Mayors Support Foreman, Smith & Sturm

We know as community leaders that a city thrives on excellence in all its institutions, and here in Lafayette, we highlight the importance of one in our slogan: Green Hills and Great Schools. Our schools are a magnet for families to choose our city, and parent involvement begets a long-term commitment to our community.
Schools are prominent on our ballot for the November election. We believe that the schools will prosper and continue to improve with the most highly qualified board members. We endorse candidates Foreman, Smith, and Sturm for the Lafayette School District. Incumbents Smith and Sturm have been strong partners to the City on issues including traffic and safety, and we are working in common on inclusion and belonging for all residents, families, and students. Katy Foreman has been a parent leader who has partnered with the City on safety issues and supported the schools constantly in volunteer roles.
We are confident these candidates will pursue continuous improvement for our schools, supporting access to a strong core curriculum for all students, and student wellness through meaningful social and emotional learning experiences. Please vote on November 8 to ensure our schools remain a vital part of our community.
Mike Anderson, Brandt Andersson, Carl Anduri, Cam Burks, Teresa Gerringer, Anne Grodin, Erling Horn, Don Tatzin, Carol Federighi

Support for Foreman, Smith and Sturm

As Lafayette community members who attended school here as children, and returned to raise our own children, we are writing to voice our support for Lafayette School Board candidates Katy Foreman, Dave Smith, and Rob Sturm. Each of these three have demonstrated a deep commitment to Lafayette’s public schools and will provide critical leadership to move our schools forward.
Lafayette’s public schools have a tradition of academic rigor and excellence, providing a safe and supportive environment for all children and creating programming to prepare students to meet the challenges of the future. Lafayette’s schools and students have benefited greatly from the significant involvement of parents and the broader community. Katy, Dave, and Rob are leaders among parent volunteers.
Rob Sturm has been a member of the Lafayette School District Governing Board since 2017, most recently serving two terms as Board President. Dave Smith has served on the Lafayette School District Governing Board since 2021, and on the LPIE Board for the two years prior. Katy Foreman has been a volunteer leader in a variety of roles throughout the district since 2018, including PTA President. Each of these parent volunteers are committed to continuing the school district’s academic excellence, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and to providing a safe and supportive environment for all of the district’s students.
The Lafayette School District has had a long tradition of forward-thinking programs to ensure that our students are prepared for the future. At this critical time, we require experienced leaders who will look forward and not backwards as they guide our school district. For those reasons, we believe Katy Foreman, Dave Smith, and Rob Sturm are the best candidates to lead the Lafayette School District.
Jacinta Pister, Mary McCosker, Kathy & Rick Biro, Danielle Gallagher

Ledeen for AUHSD board

I strongly encourage voters to read Gabe Ledeen’s blog post at in response to his experience as a candidate running for AUHSD. Gabe is extremely well-qualified to serve on the board. Unfortunately, a small, but vocal minority of individuals are attempting to discredit him. Gabe is a father, Stanford Law graduate who served two tours of duty in Iraq after 9/11 and extremely bright. He is an exemplary person who has tossed his hat into the ring of local politics and would be an excellent addition to the AUHSD Board.
Jim Landau’s “Trump Appointees Running” letter questioning the motivation of Nowac/Woolworth/ Ledeen “as they don’t have children” in the district is misleading. neither of the incumbents Severson and Kendierski nor newcomer Chen have children in the district either!! More smoke and mirrors from Jim Landau who is notorious for smear campaigns! Makes me wonder what else Landau (or his ghost writer) has wrong?
The COVID-related damage done to children because of incumbents Severson and Kendierski’s choices are devastating. Their misguided decision to cancel grades in AP classes, refusal to reconvene in-person classes and elimination of differentiated courses (i.e higher level math) is an assault to the district. Severson and Kendierksi capitulated to the detriment of children and it is clearly time for a change!
Rebecca Van Voorhis-Gilbert, JD, PhD

When did school become political?

I was compelled to write a letter regarding the local school board elections as someone who grew up in Lafayette and have lived here for 20 years to raise my family. I have never been an active political voice but I felt the need to be heard for our children’s well-being.
I am not active on social media but like many people, may log onto Nextdoor or Facebook every now and then to see what’s happening. The anger and contempt that exists online is revolting.
I believe a school’s primary focus should be academics. Pushing things like gender fluidity or accusations of white fragility onto young, impressionable children is a very serious and personal subject that generally should be discussed at home.
I admire anyone that has agreed to run for their local school board(s). It seems the main divide between the candidates is, do you want your schools to get back to focusing on academics, or are you in favor of pushing more social issues? Personally, I would like teachers to generally stick with reading, writing, and arithmetic and leave the social issues to the family.
I’m for getting back to education.
Paul Souza

Vote Dell’Aquila & Roemer for an Independent MOFD Board

It’s in the best interest of the Community that the MOFD Board be independent; not beholden to nonresident, interest groups. Four years ago, three candidates, whose campaigns were 100% funded by the Fire Union, were elected, and immediately became the majority of the 5-member MOFD Board (including electing one the three Board President). Since that time, this 3-member, non-independent majority, has voted as a 3 to 2 block against proposals by the independent minority members regarding funding for Key Fire Prevention measures, including: 1. Rather than spending $450,000 of State prevention grant funding on fire break maintenance, they Transferred it into the General Fund; 2. Reducing MOFD Fire Prevention grants for fuel reduction by $250,000; and 3. Not budgeting even $15,000, of the over $30 million budget, to extend the critical Wood-Chipper program, into the hot summer of 2020. Both Vince Dell’Aquila and Mike Roemer are independent candidates, who are highly qualified, long-time community residents, well experienced in budget management, prioritizing goals and working collaboratively with all stakeholders. They will only represent the best interests of our community; not the non-resident entities, who fund their competitors’ campaigns.
Bill Cosden

A Statement from Former & Current School Board Members

AUHSD needs Board Members who are informed, engaged, independent thinkers.
Public schools rely heavily on state funding. School Boards transparently make educated fiscal decisions, with community input. The county certifies AUHSD’s 3-year projected budget indicating it will meet all financial obligations. This reflects an understanding of education finance and prudent fiscal management.
The expressed goal of three slate candidates is to secure a majority of the board and immediately change the direction of our high schools. This is confounding given AUHSD continues to be ranked amongst the highest performing districts in the state/nation.
Effective Board Members use independent judgment to evaluate data and make decisions. Because these candidates are running as a slate with shared beliefs, there’s significant risk that independent judgment and the community’s desires will be usurped as acting in lockstep is prioritized over making decisions in the interests of students.
As former/current Trustees, we’re concerned when individuals who have no prior involvement in our schools maneuver to advance a particular partisan agenda. Doing what is best for our students should transcend political ideology.
Please vote for the three candidates who have the requisite qualifications and who’ve demonstrated their commitment to acting in the best interests of students: Jennifer Chen, Nancy Kendzierski, and Christopher Severson.

Ann Appert, Trustee, Lafayette School District (2002-2010)
Liz Bettis, Trustee, Walnut Creek School District (2012-2021)
Angela Borchardt, Trustee, Walnut Creek School District (2003-2014)
Larry Briggs, Trustee, Moraga School District (1989-1992)
Judy Carney, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (2000-2008); Trustee,
Lafayette School District (1993-2000)
Janelle Chng, Trustee, Moraga School District (2019-2024)
Kathy Coppersmith, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (2000-2020)
Vanessa Crews, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (2001-2010)
Liz Daoust, Trustee, Orinda Union School District (2018-2022)
Heather Davis, Trustee, Moraga School District (2018-2022)
Barby Eppinger, Trustee, Moraga School District (1983-1992)
Susie Epstein, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (2010-2018)
Roger Falcone, Trustee, Lafayette School District (1999-2004)
Teresa Gerringer, Trustee, Lafayette School District (2000-2018)
Bob Hockett, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (2014-2022)
Cara Hoxie, Trustee, Orinda Union School District (2016-2024)
Kym Leserman, Trustee, Moraga School District (2010-2014)
Mary McCosker, Trustee, Lafayette School District (1989-2002)
Sherri McGoff, Trustee, Walnut Creek School District (2014-2018)
Aimee Moss, Trustee, Walnut Creek School District (2014-2022)
Maridel Moulton, Trustee, Moraga School District (1976-1982)
Tom Mulvaney, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (2006-2014)
Jon Nickens, Trustee, Moraga School District (2014-2022)
Jim Obsitnik, Trustee, Moraga School District (2014-2018)
Katie Pe¤a, Trustee, Walnut Creek School District (2000-2020)
Julie Rossiter, Trustee, Orinda Union School District (2010-2018)
Richard Severy, Trustee, Moraga School District (2016-2024)
Shayne Silva, Trustee, Lafayette School District (1995-2012)
Shari Simon, Trustee, Moraga School District (2012-2016)
Margot Tobias, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (1993-2006)
Fred Weil, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (1987-2000)
Hillary Weiner, Trustee, Orinda Union School District (2016-2024)
Richard Whitmore, Trustee, Acalanes Union High School District (2002-2016)

Gabe Ledeen: A great candidate and even better person for AUHSD School Board

Gabe Ledeen, whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing 13 years, is an exceptional candidate for AUHSD School Board.
Gabe has an impressive life story filled with service and leadership. After growing up in a community similar to Lamorinda’s, he felt a call to service after 9/11 and became one of the first in his family to enlist as a Marine. He proudly served 4 years, including two tours in Iraq.
Gabe then enrolled at Stanford Law, a campus filled with passionate and diverse viewpoints. Nevertheless, Gabe was universally respected, even more so by our colleagues who disagreed with him. Ask anyone and you’ll hear the same descriptions of Gabe: independent, thoughtful, high-integrity.
Gabe decided to run for School Board because he felt could bring creativity and collaboration to help solve the difficult challenges our schools now face. He’s spending time in the community and taking the hard questions, and even his critics leave those engagements respecting his thoughtfulness. He has crafted a detailed platform: greater parental engagement, high academic standards, fiscal planning, and genuine accountability for the Board.
I encourage our community to invest the time meeting Gabe, listening to his policy ideas. You will walk away from those interactions just like everyone else who knows him: impressed.
Stewart Lynn

AUHSD School Board race

There’s no going back(wards).
Having served as a college-prep high school principal, I know what it takes for a high school to prepare students for college and life. Several of the candidates for the AUHSD Board of Education feel like we need to “get back to education”. The district has spent the past several years moving forward in improving the educational experience for all students by augmenting, not supplanting, the stellar academics that continue to produce test scores and college admissions tops in the state.
This evolution is progress. Students are better supported with the expansion of the wellness centers and trained staff to access the rigorous instruction they are getting. Students are more challenged from a diversified curriculum to think critically about their viewpoints making them better prepared for college, career, and life.
Only by continuing to evolve will our schools stay at the forefront of the best schools in the nation. We need to keep the forward momentum by adding the expertise needed most - student stress and mental wellness. We need to add a person who knows our schools because she has children in them and has been volunteering for them. Elect Jen Chen for AUHSD.
Robert Schwartz

Vote for Edda Collins Coleman

Your reporting on the candidates for Orinda Union School Board did not provide an accurate picture of the expertise, experiences and qualifications of Edda Collins Coleman. A quick look at each candidates’ resume and it is easy to conclude Edda is by far one of the most qualified candidates for the school board position. Edda is a Managing Director at Cogent Strategies, guiding Fortune companies as they communicate with Congress, the Executive Branch of government and navigate the regulatory landscape. Edda also leads in crisis management, stabilizing communications at corporations during pivotal moments.
Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, Orinda Resident and OUSD Mom has said, “Edda has already proven that she is devoted to ensuring our children receive the best education. She will be a valuable addition to the Orinda School Board, as she fosters unity around the issues that matter to Orinda’s children, families, teachers, staff and administrators. I fully endorse her candidacy for this upcoming school board election and encourage everyone to vote for Edda as our next member of the Orinda School Board.”
Your one line of reporting “20 years of experience in communications” did not accurately portray her extensive experience, degrees from Georgetown and Hampton University or many qualifications. OUSD needs candidates that are ready for the challenge of leading our district during multiple extensive renovations projects, supporting our academic excellence while being fiscally responsible. Edda has those qualifications, and more. OUSD would greatly benefit from her tenure. Elect Edda.
Alicia Keenan
OUSD parent

No on incumbent school board members

I’m a 22-year Lafayette resident who had four children attend Lafayette schools and I will not be voting for any incumbent school board member.
Our local school boards failed our students during the COVID-19 pandemic. And to date, not a single incumbent seeking reelection has acknowledged mistakes or apologized for the damage done to students. They voted repeatedly to keep schools closed even as we met the criteria outlined by the state to reopen. We hear “hindsight is 20/20”. That’s not good enough. It’s not good enough for the children who lost a year of in-person schooling, who lost opportunities and missed important life milestones that they can never get back. All while we watched private school students successfully attend full, in-person classes in the fall of 2020.
As parents, we were dismissed. Our concerns for our children’s physical and mental well-being were met with platitudes instead of concrete plans to reopen schools. The learning loss and despair that my two students experienced was immense. The people who made these disastrous decisions do not deserve to be re-elected.
The current school board members let our kids down and I won’t forget it and neither should you.
Stacy Schirmer

Ginni Thomas contributed to AUHSD candidates?

If local elections are meant to be local, why then would Ginni Thomas, wife of Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas actually send money to support the Woolway, Nowac and Ledeen bloc of candidates?
Similarly, why would campaign contributions for these three be coming from as far away as Missouri, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont and North Carolina?
The answer is simple.
Far right conservatives have turned their party’s focus to state and local politics behind a nation-wide and carefully orchestrated “Parent Revolt” campaign focused on supporting local school board candidates.
Their agenda is to turn back the clock on public education without regard for the needs and aspirations of local communities nor for the health and well-being of students.
What’s more alarming? None of these three local and nationally-back candidates have children attending any of our four Lamorinda high schools.possible proof, should they be elected, that they’ll be indifferent in serving the unique needs of AUHSD and our local community.
So please help keep our local elections local by not voting for any of the three far right candidates.
Paul Cohune

Chris Young for MOFD Division 1

We are writing to strongly urge your support for Chris Young for the vacant seat representing MOFD Division 1. We are former MOFD Directors and Board Presidents and we are impressed that Chris is willing to donate his time for the betterment of our community. He brings a new and independent voice to the Board. He has no prior connection to the fire service, but he has spent his career in business, budgeting and communications, all talents which would add to the breadth of the Board.
Chris has had MOFD at his home six times, calls including a medical emergency for one of his 2-year-old twins as well as an electrical fire. He was very impressed by MOFD’s professional paramedic and fire suppression service and he would like to support MOFD as they face future medical emergencies and fire dangers to our community. He is committed to keeping MOFD under local control and to work for consensus among the firefighter-paramedics, the administration, and community members to ensure the District’s fiscal health. Please join us in supporting Chris Young for MOFD Division 1.
Fred Weil
Kathleen Conroy Famulener

Elect Mike Roemer for MOFD Board Division 4

Mike Roemer has the skills our community needs to run a professional MOFD Board. The Board has a fiduciary duty to the local citizens to do what is in the community’s best interest. Mike is a practicing attorney and a former DA. He also has the necessary finance skills to guide MOFD’s $33 Million budget, large pension obligations, and investment portfolio. The Board has hired the best Fire Chief and professional firefighting and emergency staff possible to run the day-to-day operations. The MOFD Board’s role is NOT to manage operations. The Board requires professionals, like Roemer, who have experience overseeing large budgets with broad legal, business and finance experience to represent ONLY the interests of our community.
Mike Roemer has received 100% of his funding from friends, family and local citizens and is endorsed by hundreds of residents and community leaders. His competitor received over 75% of his funding from nonresident sources.
Support Mike Roemer as the most qualified choice for the MOFD Board.
Lucy Talbot

Re-elect Steve Danziger to MOFD board

We endorse Director Steven Danziger for re-election to the MOFD Board . We have known Steven and his family for over 30 years and know of his commitment and passion for serving the public, dedication to the Fire Service and desire to make our District as fire safe as possible. Steven is a two term Board President, MOFD Ambassador and CERT volunteer. He had a long career in government including 20 yrs as Administrative Services Manager with the Oakland Fire Department. Steven is presently Chair of the Orinda Parks and Recreation Commission, and volunteers with numerous other local organizations.
The last 4 years have been extremely challenging for all essential workers and particularly to the Fire Service. Steven has been a strong voice to ensure that our firefighters have the resources, training and support to stay safe and provide the highest level of service to the community.
During his time on the Board, the District has increased fire prevention programming, been aggressive in addressing the unfunded liabilities, and passed a stringent fire code that is now a model code for the rest of the state. His priorities include: enhancing fire prevention programs, breaking ground on a new Fire Station 41 in Moraga, restoration of funding to staff an ambulance in Orinda, encouraging more neighborhoods to become Firewise, and increased information/outreach to the community. \\
As Director, Steven has proven that he has the government and fire experience, leadership skills, history of volunteerism and understanding of the community to be an effective leader and advocate for fire safety in the District. Much has been accomplished but there is more to do.
Steven is endorsed by Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan and the Moraga Orinda Firefighters Association. Please vote to re-elect Director Danziger to the MOFD Board.
Mark Dulberg

Yard signs reveal MOFD board agenda

Yard signs for Michael Donner and Steve Danziger, running for the MOFD board say ”Ad paid for by International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1230 Political Activity Committee FFPC 744488.” If the union is footing the bill for these campaigns, what might Donner and Danziger owe the union? How many dollars is the union spending this year? Last time the union ponied up at least double the money that an average campaign spends with no money from community members. How will balancing the interests of the union against the interests of the community, which is safety and fire prevention play out.
If past is prologue, these incumbents will not represent our community interests. The record shows that Donner and Danziger voted not to spend any of the $400K windfall money from the admin portion of a grant. Both voted to reduce the home hardening grant program from $750K to $500K. Both Donner and Danziger voted against extending the free chipping program over the summer.
Our community needs to take back control of our MOFD from the outside special interests.
Melanie Light

Dell’Aquila for MOFD

I support Vince Dell’Aquila for MOFD Board Division 3. He is a long-time resident with strong budget management experience. Vince is also 100% community funded and has received no special interest funding. As such, he’s not beholden to the organization the Board oversees. That’s smart governance.
Steve Sciamanna

Elect Vince Dell’Aquila for MOFD Board - Division 3

Vince Dell’Aquila has the skills our community needs to run a professional MOFD Board.
The Board is legally required to represent the local citizens to do what is in our community’s best interest.
Vince is a general contractor, coach and educator who is very involved in our community. Vince will listen to the residents and then guide MOFD’s $33 Million budget, large pension obligations and investment portfolio. The Board has hired an amazing Fire Chief and the best professional firefighting and emergency staff possible to run the day-to-day operations; the MOFD Board’s role isn’t to manage operations. The Board requires professionals, like Dell’Aquila, who have experience overseeing budgets with business and construction experience to help build Moraga’s new fire station and represent only the interests of our community.
Dell’Aquila has received 100% of his funding from friends, family and local citizens and is endorsed by hundreds of local residents and community leaders. His competitor, according to the official State campaign records up to 10/11/22, has received 100% of his funding from non-resident organizations.
Support Vince Dell’Aquila as the most qualified choice for the MOFD Board.
John Kotowski

The MOFD Election; Conflict of Interest

Candidates make promises which are impossible to hold them to.
Candidates are endorsed by individuals and institutions who may or may not know anything about the candidates’ past performance.
And then there are financial endorsements. For individual donors, a contribution is a commitment to the candidate and the belief that the candidate will do the best thing for the community. But for institutional donations, one must ask “what are they looking for in return?”
Three MOFD Director candidates, Young, Danziger and Donner, to date are 100% funded by the MOFD employees’ union. Four years ago that union provided over $30,000 in funding to the candidates who then controlled the employees’ contract negotiations. That contract comes due in another two years. The union was obviously happy with past results.
I smell a conflict of interest and will support their opponents Hasler, Dell’Aquila and Roemer.
Steve Cohn

MOFD needs Greg Hasler as director

Over the past four years I have monitored the actions taken and not taken by the current Fire Board members. I see that they have failed to address the present and future financial needs of MOFD. Strong and successful organizations identify risks and how to prepare to meet them. MOFD needs Greg Hasler, who with his professional background would be a prudent, keen, and independent voice for our communities. I have known Greg for several years, and he is a man with admirable ethics and integrity.
Rachel Erickson

Greg Hasler exceptionally qualified for fire district board

I am impressed with the strong financial professional background of Greg Hasler. Given his extensive experience, I know he will bring to the MOFD Board a skilled, perceptive, and independent voice to address what policies and practices should be adopted by the Board. His expertise is vital to meet the expanding needs for abatement, as well as for preparation to protect Moraga and Orinda from a devastating wildfire.
William Weber

David Shapiro for Moraga Shapiro for Town Council

David Shapiro is the strongest and most fitting candidate for Moraga Town Council. He clearly has the insight, intellect and aptitude to be a key contributor on the Town Council. I have known David and his family for over 20 years. Our youngest daughters grew up together. We need David on the Council because he can work efficiently and decisively to ensure our finances are protected. We need David because he will work diligently to find ways to fund the Town’s now under-funded pensions. And, a very important topic looming in front of us all is finding ways to meet State housing mandates while protecting the interests of all Moragans. David’s background as an accomplished attorney demonstrates his keen ability to strategize and to analyze the difficult issues facing Moraga. He will work earnestly to protect our community. I am voting for David Shapiro for Moraga Town Council and encourage you to vote for David Shapiro as well.
Jack Davis, Ph.D.

Riley for Orinda City Council

Janet Riley has been instrumental in many areas of our civic life, especially supporting our treasured Orinda schools. She has served our schools in nearly every capacity, from chaperoning field trips to balancing six-figure budgets for Parents Clubs. We would especially like to call attention to her leadership of the Educational Foundation of Orinda (EFO) as an example of her tireless advocacy for Orinda’s families.
Janet’s knowledge, experience, and willingness to listen to all stakeholders was a hallmark of her tenure on the board. She effectively brought together the varying interests and priorities of the school community in an effort to do what was best for students. During her two years (2007 - 2009) as president of EFO (predecessor to ONE), the organization raised nearly $3 million to benefit our schools.
Janet’s clear vision and thoughtful approach to problem-solving make her a highly effective leader. We have no doubt that Janet Riley will bring an unwavering commitment to community service, fiscal responsibility, and consensus building to the table once she’s elected to the Orinda City Council.
Karen Derr Gilbert,
EFO President 2005 - 2007
Alison Holland,
EFO President 2003 - 2005
Joan Kiekhaefer,
EFO President 2009 - 2013

Janet Riley endorsement

It is my privilege to highly recommend Janet Riley to the Orinda City Council. I have known Janet for 30 years, and believe her to possess the skills and experience necessary to be an effective City Council member. Janet is an engaged, energetic, and open-minded Orindan who will help guide our City in a balanced and collaborative way. Please consider Janet Riley when you cast your vote in November.
Dayna Sayres

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