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Published January 18th, 2023
Lamorinda Fall All-league Selections

Dash Weaver - SR MVP Offense QB Campolindo
Robbie Mascheroni - SR First Team WR Campolindo
Frank Anderson - JR First Team OL Campolindo
Lucas Concepcion - SR First Team RB Campolindo
Brendan Comerford - SR First Team RB Campolindo
Charlie Murrin First Team LB Campolindo
Robby Horst - SR First Team LB Campolindo
Scott Lyon - WR Second Team WR Campolindo
Max O'Balle - JR Second Team OL Campolindo
Shane Harris - JR Second Team OL Campolindo
James Giordani - JR Second Team S Campolindo
Timmy Daugherty - JR Second Team DB Campolindo
Jake Spencer - JR Second Team DB Campolindo
Sebo Antonois-McRea - JR Second Team DE Campolindo

Ethan Torres - SR MVP Defense DB Acalanes
Trevor Rogers - JR First team WR Acalanes
Marcus Julian - SR First team OL Acalanes
Justin Zegarowski - SR First team DE Acalanes
Jack Giordianni - JR First team LB Acalanes
Tyler Murphy - SR Second team OL Acalanes
George Churchill - SR Second team LB Acalanes
Kyle Bielawski - SR Second team DB Acalanes
Coco Gannon Second team DB Acalanes

Luke Duncan - SR First team QB Miramonte
Jackson Davenport - SR First team OL Miramonte
Grant Scanlan First team LB Miramonte
Cooper Bohlig - SR Second team WR Miramonte
Matt Hawkins - SR Second team DB Miramonte
Chase Bliss - SR Second team DB Miramonte

Charlie Engs - SR MVP Miramonte
Henry Engs - JR First team Miramonte
Grant Kurtz - JR First team Miramonte
Oliver Sherwood - JR First team Miramonte
Matteo Petty - SR Second team Miramonte
Brian Edelen - SR Second team Miramonte
Griff Tunney - SO Second team Miramonte
Addison Owensby - SR Second team Goalie Miramonte
Luke Lewis - SR Honorable Mention Miramonte

Harrison Labrosse - SR Outstanding Goalie Acalanes
Christian Gotterup - SR First team Acalanes
Austin Bishop - SR Second team Acalanes
Andrew Sappal - SR Honorable Mention Acalanes

Grant Roesch - SR First team Campolindo
Reid Thorson - SR First team Campolindo
Thomas Colpo - SR First team Campolindo
Caleb Fleming - SR First team Campolindo
Harley Venable - SR Second team Campolindo
Hayden O'Hare - SO Second team Campolindo
Garret Chivers - SO Second team Campolindo
Joey Cecchin - JR Honorable Mention Campolindo

Alexander Lodewick - SR First team Campolindo
Conner McGhee - SR First team Campolindo
Blake Webster - SR First team Campolindo
Baron Walsh - JR First team Campolindo
Alex Thomasson - JR Honorable Mention Campolindo
Paulo Trento - JR Honorable Mention Campolindo

Tyler Hunt - SR Second team Acalanes
Logan Frarzen - JR Second team Acalanes

Asher Patel - JR Second team Miramonte
Logan Letulle - FR Second team Miramonte
James Jenkins - SO Honorable Mention Miramonte

Charlotta Bell - JR MVP Campolindo
Olivia Woo - SR First team Campolindo
Olivia Wiseman - SR Second team Campolindo
Aneya Stone - SO Second team Campolindo
Samantha Brouhard - SR Honorable Mention Campolindo
Makenna Crosson - FR Honorable Mention Campolindo

Katelyn Olin - SR First team Acalanes
Hannahageboeck - SR First team Acalanes
Mara Korzenioska - SR Second Team Acalanes
Apple Walton - SR Honorable Mention Acalanes
Jade Profilio - JR Honorable Mention Acalanes

Amber Chu - SR First team Miramonte
Annika Blas - SR First team Miramonte
Nicole Tuszynnski - JR Second Team Miramonte
Kaitlyn Roach - SR Second Team Miramonte
Ruby Martin-Gulutzan - SR Honorable Mention Miramonte

Meghan McAninch - SR MVP Miramonte
Allie Lurie - SR First team Miramonte
Dania Innis - SR First team Miramonte
Tali Stryker - JR First team Miramonte
Rosalie Hassett - JR First team Miramonte
Mary Hassett - SR Second team Miramonte
Petra Cherry - SR Second team Miramonte
Peyton Gray - SR Second team Miramonte
Alison Sagara - SO Second team Miramonte
Ally Larsen - SO Honorable Mention Miramonte

Audrey Cox - SR Outstanding Goalie Acalanes
Brooklyn Plomp - JR First team Acalanes
Ella Del Rosario - FR First team Acalanes
Sara Archer - SR Second team Acalanes
Wendy Heffelfinger - JR Second team Acalanes
Sarah Potter - SR Honorable Mention Acalanes

Kaia Levenfeld - SR First Team Campolindo
Ana Pieper - JR First Team Campolindo
Lauren Lacour - SR Second team Campolindo
Sammy Frazier - SO Second team Campolindo
Sydney Kring - FR Second team Goalie Campolindo
Ainsley Hogan - SR Honorable Mention Campolindo

Ellie Buckley- SR First team Campolindo
Shea Volkmer - JR First team Campolindo
Makena Weberski - JR First team Campolindo
Rachel Moen - JR First team Campolindo
Kate Kabenina - JR First team Campolindo
Anya Houston - FR Second team Campolindo

Nevis Murphy - FR Second Team Acalanes
Megan Yee - JR Honorable Mention Acalanes

Grace Bell - JR Second Team Miramonte

Soleil Skjorshammer - JR First team - Singles Miramonte
Caitlin Chan - FR First team - Singles Miramonte
Emily Suh-SO/Jessia Hui-FR First team - Doubles Miramonte
Elena Sullivan - SR Second team - Singles Miramonte
Audrey Kosla-SO/Alison Rhee-JR Second team - Doubles Miramonte
Nicole Hui - JR Honorable Mention Miramonte

Alex Goett - SR First team - Singles Campolindo
Liesel Hilkemeyer-SR/Kailyn Broad-SR First team - Doubles Campolindo
Sophia Rldugina-Zhu - SO Second Team - Singles Campolindo
Paige Davis - SR Second Team - Singles Campolindo
Sienna Carroll - SR Second Team - Singles Campolindo
Alyssa Muller-JR/Louise Goldblatt-SR Second Team - Doubles Campolindo
Dilara Basegmez - JR Honorable Mention - Singles Campolindo

Ari Ruczynski - SR First team - Singles Acalanes
Emily Berkowitz-SR/Kailyn Broad-SR First team - Doubles Acalanes
Dilara Basegmez - JR Honorable Mention - Singles Acalanes

Haley Chelemedos - SO First Team Acalanes
MaKenna Chelemedos - SR First Team Acalanes
Kendal Geddes - SR Second Team Acalanes
Hana Chelemedos - SO Honorable Mention Acalanes

Courtney Scheingart - SR First Team Miramonte
Katherine Scheingart - SR First Team Miramonte
Paige Sovocool - FR Second Team Miramonte
Antong Cao - JR Honorable Mention Miramonte

Anna Mooradian - SR Second Team Campolindo
Jasmine Malekafzaci - SO Honorable Mention Campolindo

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