Published January 3rd, 2024
Free community service for older adults, a Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary tradition
Submitted by Perrin Kliot
Ernie Furtado replaces light bulbs for a Lafayette senior. Photo courtesy Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary
Research consistently shows that 90% of adults over 65 prefer to remain in their current homes as they grow older. The need for innovative solutions to support our older adults has become more apparent than ever.
Enter the Rotary HOME Team program, a heartwarming initiative developed and provided by Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary that goes beyond mere home maintenance - it's about fostering a sense of community and ensuring our seniors can age gracefully in the homes they cherish.
Every other month, the HOME Team volunteers receive lists of maintenance requests and venture out in pairs to address minor repair issues. From fixing leaking toilets to adjusting cabinet drawer pulls, the team is equipped to handle a spectrum of household hiccups. When a request is beyond the HOME Team's capability, alternative solutions are discussed.
Gary Satterfield, director of Rotary HOME Team, quips, "We might not be professional plumbers or electricians, but we sure can change a light bulb or replace a smoke detector battery. We're here for the little things, the tasks that might cost a pretty penny if you had to call in the professionals. We're the friendly neighbors everyone wishes they had."
Beyond the traditional notion of maintenance, the HOME Team volunteers bring warmth and companionship into the lives of older residents. "We're not just fixing leaky faucets; we're building relationships. In addition, everyone on our team is trained to be vigilant for potential issues like hoarding, food insecurities, or falling hazards. It's about looking out for one another," says Satterfield.
"The best part? There are no eligibility criteria other than being an older adult. If a senior can't safely climb a ladder to change a light bulb, we're more than happy to lend a hand."
Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary president Scott Parsons adds, "Rotary HOME Team is one of several impactful community services Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary offers. Our service projects touch the lives of all age groups, primarily families living in Lamorinda and Contra Costa. But our impact also spreads to other parts of the world, notably Guatemala, where our projects save lives and aim to end the cycle of poverty."
Those with an interest in giving back are invited to visit the Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary website at For more information on the HOME team or to request services, call (888) 204-5573 or visit

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