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Published December 7th, 2022
Search for Town Manager takes shape with new recruitment brochure and Community Survey
Four-page Town Manager recruitment brochure Photo courtesy Town of Moraga

Ever since Town Manager Cynthia Battenberg submitted an Oct. 4 written notice to the town council of her plans to resign at the end of the year, the search for her replacement through an Ad Hoc Committee has moved expeditiously forward.
Mayor Steve Woehleke and Vice Mayor Renata Sos, the committee team, with the encouragement of the entire council, have ticked off a number of boxes on their check list, and with the help of recruitment firm Bob Murray & Associates, are now at the town manager marketing brochure stage.
The Committee, with the help of Bob Murray's rep, Gary Phillips, created a colorful and information-packed recruitment brochure that was presented during the Nov. 9 town council meeting where it received unanimous approval.
The four-page brochure contains an overview of "The Community;" a description of "The Organization;" what the position entails and what is expected from the "ideal candidate;" and compensation information.
Part of the process also included outreach with council members, Moraga's town staff, and key town stakeholders. Expected attributes brought forth included: a team builder; strong manager; effective chief administrative officer, as well as being fiscally prudent and proficient at financial matters; highly ethical; committed to a partnership with Saint Mary's College; and having a high level of experience.
A Community Survey was posted Nov. 18 on the town's website in order to seek input from the public and is still open for responses. Residents are asked to respond to five questions: 1) What are the most important challenges facing the Town of Moraga that the new Town Manager would need to help the Council address? 2) What skills and experiences are most critical for a new Town Manager to succeed in Moraga? 3) What management and leadership attributes should the next Town Manager have? 4) How would you like the Town Manager to interact with the community? 5) Is there anything else you would like the Town Council to consider when selecting a new Town Manager?
The Ad Hoc Committee stresses that the brochure is just one of the many steps in the town manager position recruitment process.

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