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About us

The Lamorinda Weekly is an award-winning free, full-color newspaper written for and by the citizens of Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda providing timely, comprehensive, and uniquely-relevant information to its readers -- including local sports and municipal coverage, detailed coverage of the area’s schools, and features that focus specifically on life in Lamorinda. The Lamorinda Weekly is a community newspaper that also provides a forum for public discussions and debates. Published by Andy and Wendy Scheck, the paper is delivered to every home and most businesses in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda bi-weekly.

California Journalism Awards


First Place, Profile Story 2022 - Jon Kingdon, Reporter
2nd place, Photo essay 2022 – Jeff Heymen, Photographer
2nd place, News Photo 2021– Sora O’Doughty Photographer
2nd place, Coverage of Protests and Racial Justice-News or Feature,
   2020 - Pippa Fisher and Sophie Braccini reporters
2nd place, News Photo 2017 - Tod Fierner photographer
3rd place, Artistic Photo 2017 – Andy Scheck photographer
3rd place, Sports Photo 2017 – Gint Federas photographer
5th place, General Excellence 2017 – Weekly Category
First place, Education Coverage 2015 - Uma Unni reporter
First place, Artistic Photo 2013- Ohlen Alexander photographer
First Place, Sports Photo 2011- Doug Kohen photographer

2016 Lafayette Business Persons of the Year - Andy and Wendy Scheck

  Mailing Address:

Lamorinda Weekly
1480 Moraga Road STE C #202
Moraga, CA 94556

phone: (925)377 0977
fax: (925)263 9223

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We value your input on Lamorinda topics and we encourage you to write to us. Please note that by submitting text to Lamorinda Weekly you are giving us permission to publish your text, in full or in part, in both the print and online editions of Lamorinda Weekly. Only text with the sender's name and address will be considered for publication.

Please send your letter to:

Lamorinda Weekly
1480 Moraga Road STE C 202
Moraga, CA 94556

email: *
fax: (925)263 9223
Our Team  
Andy Scheck

phone: (925)330 7916
Associate Publisher / Sales
Wendy Wuerth-Scheck

phone: (925)330 1983
Jaya Griggs
Sports Reporter
Jon Kingdon

Moraga Reporter
Vera Kochan
Orinda Reporter
Sora O'Doherty



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*Please note that by submitting content to Lamorinda Weekly, you are giving us permission to publish your text or picture, in full or in part, in both the print and online editions of Lamorinda Weekly.
Only content with the sender's name and address will be considered for publication.
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Pick up a copy of our paper, please go to:

• Newsstands
Lafayette: Blue stand in front of Elmwood Stationers and Ware Design
(between Diablo Foods and Trader Joe's)
Lafayette: Blue stand next to 251 Lafayette Circle next to the FEDEX box
Orinda: Blue stand in Orinda Theatre Square at Starbucks
Orinda: Stand inside McCaulou's Department Store
Moraga: Blue stand at Moraga Center between Terzetto’s and Bianca’s
Moraga: Blue stand left of TJMaxx - Rheem Valley
Moraga: 329 Rheem Blvd bottom floor of the Town Offices (you may pick up copies of the last three issues at that location)

Additional pickup locations
• Libraries in Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda
• Chamber of Commerce, Lafayette
• Orinda City Hall
• Papillon, Lafayette
• SiSi's Cafe, Moraga
• Lafayette Car Wash, Lafayette

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