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Published April 10th, 2013
Is She Really Wearing That? Comments on College Clothing
By Caie Kelley
Caie Kelley is a junior at Miramonte High School and the Pop Culture reporter on the teen show, Express Yourself!(tm) In her free time, she enjoys swimming, piano, and volunteering.

How often do you hear, "You know, my favorite part of college is studying. I love all the textbooks and the tests?"
When cousins and friends discuss their semesters away from home, they don't talk about the academic side of college or grad school. Instead, it's all about the social scene, endless stories about those crazy nights, sorority and frat parties, and of course, the fashion statements on campus.
Since I'm in high school and plan on going to college, it's fun to find out from friends who are already there about the wardrobe rules.
Winnie Yoe, a junior at Dartmouth College, said East Coast schools were about being preppy. Leggings, Northface jackets, and fur boots were the most common items worn.
My cousin, Derek, who is at William & Mary, describes the fashion at his school in one word, "J. Crew." It's a bit of a generalization, but it appears that East Coast style is more conservative, with an emphasis on sophistication, classic styles, and layers.
Lamorinda friends at UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and UCLA testify that West Coast style is relaxed. Probably because of our moderate to warm weather, flip-flops and shorts rule in California. "I think people here put effort into making sure they look like they didn't put any effort into their clothes," remarked Kari, a sophomore at UC Davis.
Ultimately, the consensus about fashion was the same. "You wear what you want, at any college," I heard over and over again. College logo sweatshirts and jeans are the unofficial uniform everywhere.
As Sam, a family friend explained, "Sure, there are the trends at universities but there is no one-size-fits-all look. Be yourself -that's the most important."
Although it's cliche, remaining true to yourself is always fashionable.

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