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Published May 8th, 2013
The Scoop on Mom
By Cathy Dausman
Photos Cathy Dausman

Few things in life are as comforting as warm sun and ice cold treats! And when Mom buys, the smiles are glued to children's sticky faces. Lamorinda Weekly recently asked the younger set what they liked best about their mom-other than having her take them for ice cream!
Jake, of Moraga was digging into his cold bowl of cookies and cream-flavored ice cream-his favorite. "She gives me hugs and kisses all the time," he said of his mother, Stacia Ruffolo. As if that alone didn't melt your heart, he added he was willing to "pay for [her] ice cream" on Mother's Day.
Clara and her mom Daisy Sop live in Orinda but were enjoying their "after school activity" in Moraga. They came in search of purple Ube ice cream, but settled for rainbow sherbet. Clara, just 2, was focused more on her treat than the interview, but did admit shyly she likes her mom's "big hugs."
Second-grader Gabriella, of Lafayette, pondered the question a moment while studying her frozen treat. "She takes me to all my lessons," she said of her mom. Those lessons include ice skating, violin, golf and dance. She plans to make a card for her mother next weekend.
When Lamorinda Weekly caught up with Zac Faber, the self-proclaimed "bottomless pit" of Lafayette, his bowl of marshmallow and orange flavored yogurt had completely disappeared. He did agree to pose with his mom for the camera.
When Lauren, 10, and Jake, 8, of Lafayette, were asked about their Mother's Day plans, they deferred to their mom, Jennifer Davis. Davis is taking her children into the city "on a school night." The catch is that both children, quite literally, have to listen to their mother. Davis and 13 others will read their personal essays for a "Listen to your Mother" presentation (www.listentoyourmothershow.com/sanfrancisco/) at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center.
Meanwhile in Orinda, when asked about their mom, Rebecca, Morgan and her brother Jack said, "We have a great Mom." Jack seemed to contemplate the question a moment before diving into his ice cream cone.
At another table, big brother John, 8, said he loves that his mom, Kellie Williams, "lets me skateboard," and 3-year-old brother Jake said that although he likes it when his mom takes him to preschool, he really likes it when Dad gets to take him!
Probably distracted by her brothers, 6-year-old Ashley said simply, "She loves me."
And that's the scoop. Happy Mother's Day!

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