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Published August 14th, 2013
Letters to the Editor


Seven months ago I was standing beside my five year old daughter's hospital bed praying to any God who would listen. The doctors had no idea what was wrong but she was deteriorating very quickly. My once vibrant, alive, little girl was barely there. She could no longer walk, sit up, or even grab a sandwich off a plate. I was suddenly living my worst nightmare. After countless scans, spinal taps, and blood work the neurologists diagnosed her with ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis). It is a rare inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system that in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own brain tissue. After weeks in the hospital, we were sent home with a cocktail of medicines and a wonderful physical therapist that helped us manage her first shaky steps.
Last weekend my daughter swam her heart out of the Lafayette Swim Conference. I had tears falling down my face as I saw her perform a perfect belly flop off the starting block. We have come such a long way in past few months. Her doctors and therapists are thrilled with her recovery. Never would I have imagined that we would be where we are today. I owe this huge accomplishment to the coaches and fellow swimmers at Sun Valley. Only recently did I let Coach Robbie know a little bit about my daughter's condition. I had a bit of concern that if she was giving it her all in backstroke she might bump her head into the wall - something I am just not ready for. Right before she swam I saw Robbie run to opposite side of the pool. He cheered her on and put his hand down to catch her head. He congratulated her on a great swim and took off back to the other side of the pool. My daughter did not make it to finals but she still felt as though she was a winner.
Thanks to Coach Wesley and Coach Jack for encouraging my daughter during her first few days in the water and helping her reach the other side of the pool. Thanks to Coach Carolyn for helping perfect her strokes this season and making sure she stayed on task. Coach Robbie, I can't thank you enough for all the time and care you have given my daughter. I doubt that she will ever be swimming at county but I know that if Coach Robbie or Coach Ellie are around she will always feel valued and proud. What more could a parent ask for!

Thank you Sun Valley,
Rebecca Young


City Ventures Plan for Moraga...Common Sense Outlook.
Without even looking at all the obvious debated issues such as traffic, commute time, parking, possible crowded classrooms, impact on fire station and training area, Orinda's concerns, compatibility with Moraga plans and housing, permits required, EIR etc. etc... it just seems that a 54 unit development (mostly 3 story and some two story units) would simply look out of place and out of character in the site projected and in the town of Moraga.
I just envision people driving by the development and thinking... what is that? How did that ever get built?
We recently visited a very similar 53 unit City Ventures development in Carlsbad ( approximately 107,000 population and nearly 7 times the size of Moraga)... and in that city with lots of roads, and room around the development and a very large shopping center nearby ... it did not look that out of place. But imagining the same size development jammed into the suggested 3 acre site in Moraga is real stretch at best. I understand the concept of the Moraga Center Specific Plan ... but a high density unit across the street and down the road from the shopping center? I just don't get it.
At the two meetings at Moraga Country Club with City Ventures ... I'm not sure anyone at those meetings liked this idea. If someone could gather the 16,000 Moraga citizens and explain the project ...pro and con... how many people would say "What a great idea?" A 54 unit development right there - all in favor raise your hands - How many hands would be in the air?
Unfortunately, most folks in town have no idea that this project is even in the works.
Something should and can be done on the site, but why are we even considering a 54 unit high density development?

Charlie Coane

As a long time regular customer to Moraga's Dynasty Nails, 1460 Moraga Road, I am appalled at the construction litter in front of the salon which has been there for months. When a section of concrete pushed up on one corner in the late spring, workmen came to the rescue and dug down to find the cause. However, since then, the hole has been refilled by about 95% and only partially covered a single 8x10 foot plywood board. Caution tape and construction debris surround the area with no evidence of further repair. People go into and out of shops all day, including a nearby UPS store and an ice cream shop. How soon until someone is injured by stepping or falling into this hole? This eyesore is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Susan McClurg Berman

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