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Published January 27, 2016
Lafayette Police Blotter

Incident Summary Report Jan 3-16
Alarms 54
911 Calls (includes hang-ups) 23
Noise Complaints 5
Traffic Stops 79
Suspicious Circumstances 11
Suspicious Subjects 27
Suspicious Vehicles 16
Abandoned Vehicle
3400 block Sweet Dr
La Playa Dr/Diablo View Rd
El Nido Ranch/Acalanes Rds
Mt Diablo Blvd/Acalanes Rd
Animal Control
4000 block Happy Valley
Burglary, Auto
3200 block Marlene Dr (2)
3400 block Lana Ln
3300 block Dyer Dr
1000 block Walnut Dr
3700 block Mt Diablo Blvd (3)
900 block S Thompson Rd
3400 block Munroe Ave
3200 block Palomeres St
Pleasant Hill Rd/Olympic Blvd
700 block Tanglewood Dr
Lafayette Park Hotel (2)
Burglary, Commercial
Jackson's Wines & Spirits
3200 block Mt Diablo Ct (2)
Burglary, Miscellaneous
20 block Toledo Ct
Burglary, Residential
3500 Moraga Blvd
Civil Problem
1200 block Warner Ct
1300 block Summit Rd
Pleasant Hill Rd/Green Valley Dr
900 block Paulson Ct
Walnut St/Chestnut St
Found Adult
10 block Silver Leaf Ct
Missing Adult
900 block Janet Ln
Fraud, Credit
1000 block Timothy Ln
1000 block Brown Ave
1000 block Aileen
700 block Arroyo Ct (by phone)
Hit & Run
1000 block 2nd St
Lafayette Park Hotel
Ace Hardware (3)
3500 block Mt Diablo Blvd (2)
Acalanes High School
3700 block Mt Diablo Blvd
Whole Foods
Mt Diablo Blvd/1st St
Indecent Exposure
Police/Fire/EMS Response
Moraga Rd/Sky Hy Dr
3300 block La Caminita
Public Nuisance
Dawkins Dr/Helen Ln
600 block Huntleigh Dr
Rosedale Ave/St Mary's Rd
Black Hawk Rd/Springhill Rd
3300 block Springhill Rd
1300 block Martino Rd
Silver Springs Rd/Moraga Rd (2)
3400 block Munroe Ave
3800 block Happy Valley Rd
1200 block Panorama Dr
Little Ln/Foye Dr
3200 block La Canada Rd
Mariposa Rd/Upland Dr
600 block Glenside Dr
3300 Las Huertas Rd
1400 block Reliez Valley Rd
700 block Glenside Circle
600 block Murray Ln
3200 block Los Palos Cir
3300 block Walnut Ln
3300 block Sweet Dr
800 block Solana Dr (2)
1100 block Garden Ln
Oliver Ct/Moraga Rd
Promiscuous Shooting
Glen Rd/N Thompson Rd
Dolores Dr/Monson Ln
Reckless Driving
Hawthorn Dr/Moraga Blvd
St Mary's Rd/Campo Dr
Oconnor Dr/Moraga Rd
St Mary's/Moraga Rds
Mt Diablo Blvd/Moraga Rd
Reliez Station/Glenside Rds
Brook St/Moraga Rd
Safeway (2)
Theft, Petty
3800 block Happy Valley Rd
1700 block Reliez Valley Rd
1100 block Oak Hill Rd
10 block Roxanne Ln
4100 block Happy Valley Rd
1200 block Quandt Ct
900 block Acalanes Rd (from vehicle)
Deer Hill/Orchard
3600 block Baker Ln
1000 block Orchard Rd (2)
3300 block Springhill Rd (2)
3600 Baker Ln
Deer Hill/Oak Hill Rds
Theft, ID
600 block Huntleigh Dr
1000 block Hoedel Ct
1100 block Vacation Dr
3800 block Los Arabis Dr
1100 block Oak Hill Rd
3900 block Happy Valley Rd
Reported to police
1100 block Upper Happy Valley Rd
1100 block Oak Hill Rd
900 block Pleasant Hill Rd
3600 block Chestnut St
1200 block Redwood Ln
3300 block N Lucille (2)
Theft, Grand
3700 block Mt Diablo Blvd
3600 block Mt Diablo Blvd
Theft, Vehicle
3300 block Mt Diablo Blvd
Sundale Rd/Village Center
Acalanes High School
Unwanted Guest
3500 block Mt Diablo Blvd
900 block S Thompson Rd
3100 block Lucas Dr
N Lucile Ln/Florence Dr
3200 block Mt Diablo Ct
1200 block Sunset Lp
100 block Iverson Dr
3300 block Springhill Rd


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