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Published September 21st, 2016
Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I wanted to express my support for What's Up Downtown and the re-visioning of Downtown Orinda. I was raised in the area and am fortunate to be raising my three children here. As we all know, most of the redevelopment and new commercial investment has headed to Lafayette. I don't know that we want to, or could, mirror Lafayette for a variety of reasons, but Downtown Orinda presents a special opportunity to create a center that brings together a city split by a large highway. With the right balance of housing, retail and open space, we could create a true "community center" that would encourage us to spend meaningful time downtown rather than driving through it or parking to shop for daily needs. I appreciate all of the efforts and look forward to supporting the rebirth of downtown Orinda.
I would also like to encourage others to support Darlene Gee and Inga Miller in their pursuit of seats on the Orinda City Council. It is with their leadership, and that of all the council members, that we can find a path to creating a thriving downtown Orinda.

Drew Mickel

Gee and Miller for Council
To the Editor,
When it comes to responsible revitalization for downtown Orinda, Darlene Gee and Inga Miller are the only proven candidates for the Orinda City Council who share a community-focused and action-oriented approach.
As a mother of three young children (ages 4, 9, and 11), a local psychologist - and childhood-native of Orinda - I long for an attractive, pedestrian-friendly downtown that celebrates its history and character, while providing cultural amenities. I wish for fresh produce for my children, locally-made products, and entertainment that connects families. Why do I have to drive to Rockridge, downtown Lafayette, or Fourth Street in Berkeley for shopping and entertainment?
Darlene and Inga also recognize our local environmental treasures like the San Pablo Creek which desperately needs restoration to preserve its native wildlife. Did you know that river otters, salmon, and trout once swam through our creek? Did you know that Orinda boasts the largest number of creeks in our county? Just imagine what a stroll through this natural habitat could offer our children in their educational and social-emotional development. Berkley renovated Strawberry Creek for its residents - it's time we offer our community the same access to our very own under-utilized natural resources.
Vote Inga and Darlene for downtown revitalization and San Pablo Creek Restoration.

Nadine Watters, PsyD
Orinda CA 94563

Dear Editor,
I am writing in support of Craig Jorgens for Director of the Moraga-Orinda Fire District (MOFD). Craig and I served together on the Orinda Roads Commission, where I had an opportunity to see him in action. Craig is a businessman and engineer and I have been impressed with his creative management and financial skills. These are skills the MOFD Board needs as it strives to ensure the safety of the public and the financial stability of the District.
Craig's abilities, experience and creativity will be of major assistance to MOFD as it faces a number of complex problems. For example, despite progress in recent years, MOFD's unfunded pension liabilities and the poor emergency response times in much of northern Orinda remain significant and unresolved issues. Importantly, I would expect Craig to seek full understanding of these issues and to seek effective solutions without necessarily being bound to past practice.
Keeping us safe and staying on the cutting edge of firefighting technology is another area where Craig's skills as a manager and an engineer will help MOFD. Among Craig's many accomplishments, he has led a business whose success depended on effective management of new technology. Craig demonstrated his leadership with regard to new business practices on Orinda's Roads Commission by identifying full depth recycling as a promising technology and asking the City to look into it. We now use full depth recycling and the result is better roads at lower cost.
Craig Jorgens is a non-politician who will search earnestly for and promote the right solutions -- not those with the most immediate political appeal. Most importantly, Craig will listen to everyone, work to bring us together, think "out of the box," and be willing to take the actions required to keep MOFD financially solvent, effective, and on the cutting edge of technology. We need him as a Director. Please join with me in voting for Craig.

Richard Nelson

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