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Published March 22nd, 2017
Moraga Police Blotter

Feb 21- March 7
Feb 25 location n/a
Feb 26 (2) location n/a
Feb 27 100 block Fernwood
Feb 27 100 block Brookline
Feb 27 1700 block Spyglass Ln.
March 2 (2) location n/a
March 4 location n/a
March 6 location n/a

ID Theft
Feb 23 Bloomingdales, Macy's, fraud tax ID
Feb 24 tax fraud attempt

Feb 24 Three fraudulent checks; same person; same amount

Feb 27 Fraud
Six fraudulent charges totaling more than $900 were made to a company in India on one victim's charge card.

Feb 27 Hit & Run, no injuries A driver nicked the door of a parked U-Haul; U-Haul user pursued on foot. Driver said she was unaware she hit the U-Haul, but police presence encouraged her to exchange information with U-Haul user. Police cleared the scene. No one stayed to help load/unload the U-Haul.

Feb 27 Larceny
A yellow road bike was shifted from Saint Mary's College to who knows where despite its being chained to a pole on campus grounds. The owner engaged police but no witnesses or leads were found.

Feb 27 Larceny
Bike parts were stolen...twice from a carport, on this date and four days earlier.

Feb 28 Found property
Police discovered an abandoned, unidentifiable bike in their parking lot, and took it in until the owner could be found. Think they could loan it to the bike theft victim?

Feb 28 Forgery
Suspicious activity reported in the form of two counterfeit checks.

March 1 Unlicensed
Unlicensed...no thrill, for the driver of a 2004 Honda who hadn't registered said car since 2012. He received a citation (not the Chevy kind) for that and for being unlicensed. His car was towed; the former driver will need to heel and toe it himself for a bit.

March 1 Miscellaneous
Near miss, or near hit? Either way, the pedestrians were okay, although they reported nearly being struck by a vehicle while they were in a crosswalk. Driver said at first he didn't see the two, but did stop before the crosswalk. Walkers may have been cross.

March 1 Other
A lesson in right and wrong for responsible parties at Joaquin Moraga school accused of texting threats to another. Police attended a meeting and backed up the school officials' emphasis on zero tolerance for threats.

March 2 Fraud
Police received a two alarm report of $5,000 of unauthorized use on a Moraga-Orinda Fire District credit card. That card was hosed...er, cancelled.

March 2 Vandal
Mirror, mirror on the ground - will this vandal soon be found? Driver's side-view mirror smashed, but it didn't seem the car got crashed. Video cameras turned up nada except the culprit's own bravada.

March 2 Vandal
This time damage to a Dodge Dart; a rock through a window is just without heart.

March 3 Outside assist
We break in with this news: a joint effort by Moraga and Lafayette police resulted in the arrest of a subject wanted for questioning in several residential burglaries in Lafayette. LPD stole some of the accused's time by making an arrest.

March 4 Larceny
Attention TJ Maxx shoppers: taking it "to the max" does not include taking things from the Maxx. Store loss prevention bagged the thoughtless shoplifter; police issued a citation for petty theft (it was $43.97).

March 4 Ordinance violation Loud and unruly with intent to commit partying. Thirty guests cleared out after police warned the residents about such un-Moraga-like behavior.

March 7 Traffic incident
Semi trailer made a semi-turn and damaged road barricades placed at Moraga Road and Rheem Boulevard. Police assisted with traffic control until Public Works replaced the damaged parts.

March 7 Miscellaneous
This bullet just in: Moraga resident surrendered unwanted gun to PD.

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