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Published April 5th, 2017
Moraga Police Blotter

March 7 to 21
March 8 location n/a
March 11 1800 block St. Andrew's Drive
March 12 1100 block Larch Avenue
March 14 Bank of America ATM
March 16 100 block Longfield Place
March 17 400 block Kingsford Drive
March 20 location n/a
March 21 400 block Park Street
March 21 location n/a

March 21 electronics and jewelry

Warrant Arrest
March 13 Moraga Road near Corliss.

March 8 Miscellaneous
We can't hearrrrrr you! A Moraga resident failed to return home after an evening job interview, but did warn the cell phone battery was low on juice. Shortly after the police got involved, who should call but the "missing" person, who'd spent the evening in the relative safety...of relatives. No word on the success or failure of the interview, but first paycheck priority might be a spare phone battery.

March 8 Robbery
Dial "R" for Robbery: someone wanting to buy a new iPhone became a robbery victim by providing the seller with his home address. A second subject showed up, brandishing a gun. The erstwhile-seller grabbed the money and the phone and ran off with the accomplice, probably making it difficult to call for help.

March 9 Dog bite
Police responded to a local park where a man reported a German Shepard bit him. Where was the man bitten? In the park, of course, but more importantly in the hip. A second subject recognized the dog, saying it had jumped her son while he was skateboarding (the son, not the dog). When contacted, the dog owner thought the hip injury was a scratch not a dog bite, but the volunteer made sure he'd had a recent rabies vaccination (the dog; not the owner). Animal Control was was notified and will chew on the report.

March 10 DUI assist
Moraga police assisted Lafayette police with the investigation of a solo driver parked in the road and apparently passed out. Driver subsequently flunked sobriety tests (and clearly lacked parking skills) and was arrested for DUI, transported to county lockup and booked.

March 10 Suspicious circumstances
Moraga parents told police five boys rang their doorbell and called their daughter derogatory names. Word games of the worst kind. No action was taken.

March 11 Violation City Ordinance
Eleven o'clock and all was not well. Police responded to music and more than 150 partiers shaking their shamrocks six days early in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Police Lepre-calmed them down, sent guests snaking home and residents acknowledged their o'ffense. No further action was taken.

March 11 Assault
A domestic disturbance in the 100 block of Miramonte Drive resulted in one arrest for battery and a second for interfering. The first subject was booked in Martinez jail, the second cited and released. No injuries.

March 14 Vandal
A broken window found in a creek plus items taken from a nearby building led the owner to believe teenage tresspassers were at it again. Police made some suggestions on securing the property.

March 14 Vandal
Someone put graffiti on both the Rancho Laguna Park men's and women's bathrooms after dark. Seems the culprit, whoever they may be, is an equal opportunity destroyer. Police have yet to flush them out.

March 16 Vandal
It's not a gas: Will the driver of a small brown 2-door (and his two male passengers) please remember to disengage the nozzle before speeding away from the gas station? We found the pump, but haven't found you. Yet.

March 16 Larceny
Police were on the dime picking up an employee turned shoplifter at Rheem Valley Center. The suspect was tabbed...er nabbed, and released.

March 16 Remains Found
A hiker found more than he expected when he came across skeletal human remains on an area hillside. The remains were recovered and sent to the county coronor's office for forensic ID.

March 17 Lost/Stolen property
A Moraga resident reported several thousand dollars in jewelry missing from her residence. She notified her insurance company; they asked for police involvement.

March 17 Suspicious circumstances
A resident reported a large slab of rock had been knocked down. Police took it for granite, and although no stone was left unturned, no suspect(s) were found.

March 18 Violation City Ordinance
An apartment party got out of hand...and mouth... when police observed 50 congenial collegians in their cups. The party of the first part (police) dispersed the party of the second party (attendees); one resident was cited, a second issued a warning.

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