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Published August 9th, 2017
2017 OMPA Championship Final Results
Kelly Murphy, Sleepy Hollow Legends

Team Rankings
Place Team Points
1 Orinda Country Club 4739.0
2 Meadow Swim Team 3252.5
3 Sleepy Hollow Legends 3179.5
4 Moraga Valley Pool Swim Team 2772.5
5 Moraga Country Club 2354.5
6 Orinda Park Pool 1877.0
7 Moraga Ranch Swim Club 1589.5
8 Miramonte Swim Club 946.5
9 Campolindo Cabana Club Marlins 755.0

Most Improved Team
Ellwood Douglas - Doc Webster Memorial Plaque
Team Name 2017 Points 2016 Points
MVP 2772.5 2331
Most Improved Team without Relays
Dan Siri / Mike Anjedani Honorary Plate
Team Name 2017 PPS 2016 PPS
SH 9.03 7.63
Team Sportsmanship
Heidary Sportsmanship Trophy
Team Name: CCC

Girls 2017 Meet High Point (Outstanding Swimmer)
Name Age Group Team Place/Stroke Total Points
Katrina Drake 15-18 OCC 1st 100FR; 1st BK; 1st IM 72
Record in Event 15-18 50 BK, New record = 0:26.37 (Old record = 0:27.08)
Record in Event 15-18 100 FR, New record = 0:51.67 (Old record = 0:51.73)

Boys 2017 Meet High Point (Outstanding Swimmer)
Name Age Group Team Place/Stroke Total Points
Will Clark 15-18 Boys MEAD 1st/BK; 1st/FL; 1st/IM 72

2017 Outstanding Relay-Girls
Team Age Group Event Time
OCC 15-18 MR 1:50.35
Relay Names: Charlotte Wu, Savannah Sherwood, Katrina Drake, Katie Lyons

2016 Outstanding Relay-Boys
Team Age Group Event Time
Mead 15-18 MR 1:53.86
Relay Names: Will Clark, Christian Schillinger, Campbell Strand, Max Younger
2017 Meet Records
New Record Old Record
Swimmer Name Team Event Finals Time Swimmer Name Team Year Time
Grace Tehaney Mead 15-18 Girls 50 BR 0:30.86 Molly Pines Mead 2016 0:31.13
Lily Holloway MCC 7-8 Girls 25 FL 0:14.46 Sophia Kosturos OCC 2009 0:14.89
Katrina Drake OCC 15-18 Girls 50 BK 00:26.4 Katie Bilotti SH 2009 0:27.08
Katrina Drake OCC 15-18 Girls 100 FR 0:51.67 Katrina Drake OCC 2016 0:51.73
Emmie Appl SH 13-14 Girls 50 BR 0:30.31 Betsy Gherini PARK 1990 0:31.05
Grace Clark MEAD 11-12 Girls 50 BK 0:28.50 Natalie Ung PARK 2015 0:29.24
Grace Clark MEAD 11-12 Girls 50 BK 0:28.82 Natalie Ung PARK 2015 0:29.24
(200 Medley)
Grant Stevens OCC 6&U Boys 25 FL 0:17.35 Brody Crouch MRSC 2010 0:17.64
Charlotte Wu OCC 15-18 Girls 200 1:50.35 Katrina Drake OCC 2016 1:51.48
Savannah Sherwood Medley Relay H. Eberle
Katrina Drake Charlotte Wu
Katie Lyons Katie Lyons

Boys 2017 Individual High Point Awards
Age Place Name Place/Stroke Points Team
6 & under 1st Jack Deal 1st FR, 1st BR 48 Park
1st Grant Stevens 1st BK, 1st FL 48 OCC
3rd Stone Cohen 2nd BR, 3rd FL 41 MVP
3rd Jake DiBiase 2nd FL, 3rd FR 41 Park
7-8 1st Ellis Culleton 1st FR, 1st BK, 1st IM 72 MCC
2nd Tyler Schmidt 1st BR, 1st FL, 3rd IM 68 MRSC
3rd Joseph Goett 2nd IM, 3rd FR, 4th BR 60 MCC
9-10 1st Grant Kurtz 1st FR, 1st FL, 1st IM 72 MVP
2nd Lincoln Sovik 1st BK, 2nd FR, 2nd IM 66 OCC
3rd Patrick Stice 2nd BK, 3rd FR, 4th IM 60 MVP
11-12 1st Matteo Petty 1st BK, 1st IM, 3rd FL 68 MVP
2nd Grant Roesch 1st FR, 3rd BK, 4th FL 63 MCC
3rd Justin Cole 1st BR, 2nd FR, 7th IM 61 MVP
13-14 1st Chris Bruen 1st FR, 1st FL, 1st IM 72 MVP
2nd Dalen Schnayer 1st BR, 2nd FR, 3rd BK 65 Mead
3rd Donovan Davidson 1st BK, 3rd IM, 4th FL 63 SH
15-18 1st Will Clark 1st BK, 1st FL, 1st IM 72 Mead
2nd Christian Schillinger 1st BR, 2nd 100FR, 3rd IM 65 Mead
3rd Max Younger 1st FR, 2nd FL, 5th BK 63 Mead
3rd Christian Meckfessel 1st FR, 2nd IM, 5th BR 63 SH

Girls 2017 Individual High Point Awards
Age Place Name Place/Stroke Points Team
6 & under 1st Ellie Letulle 1st FR, 1st BK 48 Mead
1st Mackinsey Lee 1st BR, 1st FL 48 MVP
3rd Hayden Holloway 2nd BR, 2nd FL 42 MCC
7-8 1st Lily Holloway 1st BK, 1st FL, 1st IM 72 MCC
2nd Samantha Lurie 1st BR, 2nd FR, 4th IM 64 Mead
3rd Maeve McCashin 2nd BR, 2nd IM, 3rd FR 62 OCC
3rd Amelia Knutson 1st FR, 2nd FL, 6th IM 62 MCC
9-10 1st Elisabeth Butler 1st FL, 1st IM, 3rd FR 68 OCC
1st Emma Knutson 1st FR, 1st BK, 3rd IM 68 MCC
3rd Tali Stryker 1st BR, 2nd IM, 2nd FL 65.5 OCC
11-12 1st Meghan McAninch 1st BR, 1st FL, 1st IM 70.5 OCC
2nd Dania Innis 1st FR, 1st IM, 2nd BK 67.5 OCC
3rd Grace Clark 1st BK, 2nd FL, 5th IM 63 Mead
13-14 1st Emmie Appl 1st BR, 1st FL, 1st IM 72 SH
2nd Mackenzie Murphy 1st FR, 1st BK, 2nd FL 69 OCC
3rd Beth Daughters 2nd FR, 2nd IM, 3rd FL 62 Mead
15-18 1st Katrina Drake 1st 100FR, 1st BK, 1st IM 72 OCC
2nd Grace Tehaney 1st BR, 2nd IM, 3rd FL 65 Mead
2nd Charlotte Wu 1st FL, 2nd BK, 3rd IM 65 OCC

Will Clark, Meadow Swim Team Photos Gint Federas

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