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Published August 22nd, 2018
Orinda Police Department Incident Summary Report July 29 to August 11

Alarms 58
911 Calls (includes hang-ups) 4
Traffic 76
Suspicious Circumstances 12
Suspicious Subjects 14
Suspicious Vehicles 15
Patrol Request/ Security Check 19
Service to Citizen 65
Supplemental Report 26
Vacation House Check 19
Welfare Check 9
Accident Property Camino Pablo/Wildcat
Canyon Rd.
Camino Sobrante/Orinda Way
20 Block Loma Vista Dr.
Camino Pablo/Miner Rd.
Moraga Way/Sanborn Rd.
Beverages And More
Animal Cruelty 900 Block Moon Ct., Laf.
Auto Burglary Pine Grove Business Complex
Wilder Sports Fields
100 Block Oak Rd.
100 Block Lucille Way
Barking Dog 60 Block La Espiral
Civil 70 Block Van Ripper Ln.
10 Block Woodcrest Dr.
Civil Problem 40 Block Donald Dr.
10 Block Knickerbocker Ln.
Police Department
200 Block Overhill Rd.
30 Block Claremont Ave.
Drunk In Public 50 Block Moraga Way
Dui Misdemeanor 20 Block E Altarinda Dr.
Camino Pablo/Miner Rd.
Evading Officer Sb Broadway / Ivy
Failure To Obey 10 Block Lloyd Ln.
Found Property Happy Valley Rd./
Orinda View Rd.
Orinda Theater
Police Department
Found Property 10 Block Loma Vista Dr.
Hit And Run Misdemeanor
10 Block Juniper Dr.
Miramonte High School
100 Block Stein Way
70 Block Donald Dr.
60 Block Don Gabriel Way
Identity Theft 200 Block Glorietta Blvd.
20 Block Orinda Way
Litter 300 Block Glorietta Blvd.
Lost Property Police Department
Loud Music 100 Block Silver Oak Terrace
10 Block La Campana Rd.
Loud Noise 70 Block El Toyonal
Meadow View Rd./Glorietta Blvd.
70 Block Charles Hill Rd.
Orinda Park Pool
Medical Hospital 500 Block Moraga Way
Motorist Assist 10 Block Meadow Park Ct.
Ordinance Violation
100 Block Brookside Rd.
Kittiwake Rd./Manzanita Dr.
Glorietta Elementary School
Other Misdemeanor
Shell Station
Prom Shoot 10 Block Via San Inigo
60 Block Charles Hill Rd.
Prowler 600 Block El Toyonal
Public Assembly Check
10 Block Camino Sobrante
10 Block Theater Square
Public Nuisance 200 Block Village Gate Rd.
100 Block Meadow View Rd.
Overhill Rd./Moraga Way

Reckless Driving 100 Block Canon Dr.
Rheem Blvd./Glorietta Blvd.
Camino Pablo/San Pablo Dam Rd.
San Pablo Dam Rd./
Bear Creek Rd.
Camino Pablo/Eb Sr 24
Revocation Of Probation
Orinda Theater
Terrorist Threats 200 Block Orchard Rd.
Traffic Hazard 50 Block Tara Rd.
Las Vegas Rd./Mira Flores
Moraga Way/Glorietta Blvd.
Camino Pablo/Ardilla Rd.
E Altarinda Dr./St Stephens Dr.
Traffic Stop HWay 24/St Stevens
Vandalism 90 Block Via Floreado
200 Block Blk El Toyonal
Wilder Sports Fields
10 Block Knickerbocker Ln.
Vehicle Theft 60 Block Davis Rd.
Verbal Dispute 10 Block De Soto Ct.
Walk Through 10 Block Camino Sobrante
Warrant Arrest Theatre Square

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