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Published March 6th, 2019
Letters to the editor

A matter of education

In the February newsletter the MSD superintendent Bruce Burns cites the need to pay for teacher pensions as the primary reason the district must limit other spending. He thanks the Moraga Education Foundation for supporting, art, music and PE programs and he gives as an example of cost control a reduction in special education.
So in Moraga climbing walls, and trombones are more important than the disabled students, who after all really don't use them and probably won't have important lives anyway. Is that how it is Mr. Burns? Cut the funds for those who have no options so that you can fund the latest educational fad or not take heat from the sports fans?
How mean spirited, how selfish to put the these things above giving help, kindness and the best opportunity possible to a group of our children who need our care and protection. How we treat, how we care for, those less fortunate is the mark of our humanity. A donation for a climbing wall or a computer for your already well off children is just plain selfish when even one of our children carries a lifetime burden that we could ease in anyway.

David Gow

Understanding destructive California fires - more than ignition sources

In the editorial, "Camp Fire revelation is last straw; PG&E must be replaced" (March 1), the Bay Area News Group again demonstrates it's extreme bias against PG&E and its limited understanding of the complex issues surrounding the destructive California wildfires. It is overly simplistic and disingenuous to blame the utility for the terrible California fires even if ignition sources are substantiated.
Ignition sources are part of the equation. Their are many other reasons why the California fires caused loss of life and were so destructive, besides ignition sources. Prolonged severe droughts, spontaneity, extremely high intensity of the fires, climate engineering, and other anthropogenic causes were major contributors. These other factors need to be analyzed and understood. Most, if not all of these other factors, are not within the purview of PG&E.
Claiming that the utility ". cannot continue to exist in its current form" presupposes that the editors have the knowledge, experience and "knowhow" to address these complex issues. Clearly, they do not.

Chris Kniel

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